Dear Teacher (The Vacuum Cleaner Mishap)

Cleaning your room can go all wrong when a vacuum cleaner goes berserk.  And then how to explain to the teacher that your homework went missing?

I’m so sorry teacher I was trying to be good
I went to clean my room just like my mama said I should
I lugged the vacuum cleaner up the stairs and down the hall
Got it to my bedroom and I plugged it in the wall

There’s a Bee in the Car with Me

There’s a bee
There’s a bee
There’s a bee in the car with me
I open up the window and it doesn’t want to go
There’s a bee in the car with me.

But what happens when there’s a mouse, and a snake and a giraffe and a monkey and a hippo?  How does one drive?  How do you get them to leave? This funny story has kids singing along and wondering just who else is going to join the jamboree.