Dear Teacher (The Vacuum Cleaner Mishap)

Cleaning your room can go all wrong when a vacuum cleaner goes berserk.  And then how to explain to the teacher that your homework went missing?

I’m so sorry teacher I was trying to be good
I went to clean my room just like my mama said I should
I lugged the vacuum cleaner up the stairs and down the hall
Got it to my bedroom and I plugged it in the wall
I——- sucked up my homework
I worked so hard to finish all my homework
I – I – I – I – I sucked up my homework
And now my homework is SHUP, SHUP, SHUP, SHUP GONE!

This funny, lively story starts off with a good intention and ends up with an out of control vacuum cleaner that sucks up homework, a goldfish, a sister and a policeman.   It is a crowd favourite in schools with ages 4-10 (adults too!) and offers a creative twist to “the dog ate my homework” explanation.