We had the fantastic opportunity to do a little one night / two day get-away with some of the women from the Writing Workshop (thanks to our lovely host Lisa and her family home out in the country).  What a fantastic place to hold a writing workshop and what an inspired and inspiring journeys everyone took with the writing.  Clearly I was struck by the need for more space and silence.  Here is one of the pieces I wrote from that weekend:

Space – by Nathalie Vachon

Give me a view, please
A field divided into sections
Grass to start
Dirt awaiting possibility
Another row of green
A farmhouse in the distance
Give me space
A sky that ends in nowhere
A cloud that trails behind, long behind the others

Give me a farmhouse in the distance
Let it belong to the Smith’s or the Schaeffer’s
Let me follow the braided rows in the fields
Let them take me to a girl in pigtails
To me, standing on the edge of Lake Superior
Or filling up a canteen with icy water from a mountain spring
Let there be space between this car that passes
And the next

ultimate block party

The Ultimate Block Party

Join us on Sunday June 5th from 11am – 5pm at Old Fort York for stories, music, and more!

Thousands of families and children are expected to participate in The Ultimate Block Party – a mass event to demonstrate the value of play-based learning for children –  at Toronto’s Fort York. Presented by ETFO, the event is modeled after the very successful Ultimate Block Party held in New York’s Central Park last October.

Nathalie will be telling stories from 12:30 to 1:10pm at the Story Corner!

ps. please note parking is limited and people are advised to bring their own snacks and drinks