We had the fantastic opportunity to do a little one night / two day get-away with some of the women from the Writing Workshop (thanks to our lovely host Lisa and her family home out in the country).  What a fantastic place to hold a writing workshop and what an inspired and inspiring journeys everyone took with the writing.  Clearly I was struck by the need for more space and silence.  Here is one of the pieces I wrote from that weekend:

Space – by Nathalie Vachon

Give me a view, please
A field divided into sections
Grass to start
Dirt awaiting possibility
Another row of green
A farmhouse in the distance
Give me space
A sky that ends in nowhere
A cloud that trails behind, long behind the others

Give me a farmhouse in the distance
Let it belong to the Smith’s or the Schaeffer’s
Let me follow the braided rows in the fields
Let them take me to a girl in pigtails
To me, standing on the edge of Lake Superior
Or filling up a canteen with icy water from a mountain spring
Let there be space between this car that passes
And the next

Give me space between bird songs
I can hear silence here
No lawn mowers, no hammering, no neighbours talking
Give me silence
I forgot how luscious it was
In the city, there’s a skyscraper always yelling in the horizon
There’s always someone with base pumping out of sub-woofer
Trying to make a point
A noisy vomit of a point
Give me cells that open and bloom
Give me grass that floats like perfume to the tip of my nose
Freshly cut grass
Give me green
A gondola of go-around green
To keep my feet on the ground
To let my roots and toes wiggle, plunge

And give me blue
A little brook off to the left
A meandering sky above
I would marry blue if I could
Would build wings of raffia and lace
Strap them on so I could fly up and take the sky as mine
Let its arms wrap around me
Let it whisper into me
Open up all the shut off spaces – the tiny
Huddles of scared cells
Let it breath clouds like cotton candy
Let it whisk and wisp and turn me into air

I could become an angel
I would, if the sky would have me
I would sacrifice this body with its water and weariness
For air, for flight
Air, space, you cannot be a silhouette like me
But you can be a breath, a thought
You can be everything and nothing at once
Space, you are where possibility begins

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