Spring Beach Studio Tour

Please Join us

Friday May 4th (6pm-9pm)
Saturday May 5th (10am – 6pm)
Sunday May 6th (11am – 6pm)

for the charming treasure hunt that is the beach studio tour…  Grab a friend, grab a map,  grab a latte and wander through the Beach neighbourhood to view, collect and be inspired by the beautiful artwork of local Beach Artists…  let us welcome you into our heARTS!


Press Pound to Skip

PROMPT:  Use the repeating line of there are / there is… (what are the things that are in your life?)

Press Pound to Skip by Nathalie Vachon

There are crocuses in my back yard, a clump of purple that keeps grabbing my attention, stopping me in my tracks.  There are flowers that shouldn’t bloom yet; the one I bought two years ago whose name I have forgotten is already showing pink buds.  There are leaves that need raking.  There are thoughts in my head that need to be put to rest.

There are worries; a basement of filing cabinets with sterile walls and florescent bulbs that hum in the background of my life.

There are shoulders that have a hard time falling, releasing, resolving.  There are messages on the answering machine that I have not answered.  Press 1 to listen.  Press 7 to erase.  Press pound to skip.  I skip over so much and there are emotions piling up.  Seems I can’t feel them fully, can’t face them straight on so I press pound to skip…