Go On

photo copyMagazine captions, titles etc can be great prompts for writing.  At our last class before summer I put out a random bunch of pictures, titles, captions, words from magazines.

These words inspired the writing below: a little messy, expect more, stories, go on, take what you… of poetry, stories scoundrels, trailblazers and conspires to assist you.

Go on.
Take what you know of poetry
Calm your mind
Find new pockets hidden within, tucked deep in fascia, in behind rib cage, past solar plexus
Close eyes, see
Just SEE from this moment outward
Look life in the sea-green eyes
Lift the globe, peer under
Look beyond your past – the tangled sheets of childhood, the sweaty hair plastered on head,
the bad dreams, the broken shattered milk glass on the linoleum kitchen floor
The feeling of never enough
The father who turned the lights off on you and left you in the dark
The mother who just couldn’t
Look past all of that, or look deep
So deep into it that it shimmers, sparkles like a million suns on the ocean
Go on.
Turn it upside down, spin in from black widow into story
Into trailblazer or scoundrel or goddess or Greek myth
Strap on those gold sandals
Pack your stories into your golden wings,
Let poems blink your eyes open more, more, more
Go on.
Take what you know of poetry
Find the stillness between each line
See how you feel after words like ‘zither’ or ‘tremble’ or ‘abandoned’ stop reverberating in your heart
Sit, be messy; a little or a lot messy
Let life beacon you
Listen for that inner directive
The words that call and jump off the page, that scream between the stillness of each line
Expect more
Cast out bold, electric daring words
And wait…
As the universe conspires to assist you

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