Ignore No Vision (after Maya Angelou)

PROMPT:  Using two lines of a poem written by Maya Angelou to Oprah Winfrey for her 50th birthday (Ignore no vision… and increase your spirit), each writer was to create two lines of inspiration and encouragement to create a group poem.  We picked numbers randomly to decide the order and here is the final poem:

Ignore No Vision – by Sabrina, Catherine, Carol, Alice, Vanessa, Maryaleen and Nathalie

Ignore no vision which comes to enlarge your range
And increase your spirit

Fearlessly, be your own champion
And tend fiercely to your sweet and tender dream shoots

Allow softness to grow your heart open
Accept tininess, accept flaw as the beginnings of power

Open one, two eyes and watch as the screen of possibility etches mirrors of brilliance on pupil.
Blink and let curtains of blue and yellow wash over soul window and rest into heart.

Ignore no opportunity to love and do right by you –
For that paves the way to truth, compassion and the creative heart.

Let the stories come. See, hear, feel, and tell them. They keep us alive and connected. Life is only that: stories, awakening us to the fullness of the human spirit.
You want to see? Then take off the blinkers. Close your eyes and let the pictures come. They’re big enough to fill a universe with hope, with joy and with love.

Look from front, from back, from above, from below
Build the textures, reveal the details

Find beginnings in endings for new stories and characters
Lift up, eyes open, eyes up, climb

Soar, seek, pass over, move on, leave behind

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