Love Walked In

PROMPT:  write using the line “Love Walked In”

Love Walked In – by Catherine Dine

Lately love has not walked in, I simply realized it was always there.

Love seemed invisible for a while, lost amid the children’s toys, the critical decisions, the trade offs and compromises. Love took a back seat to efficiency, economy, and purpose. It suffered under the yolk of children’s problems, lack of support, lack of access to true knowing. Love was forgotten in the headlong pursuit of getting it right while getting it all terribly wrong.

A pause, a crisis, long needed reflection shed a shaft of light on the recesses of life. This luminous beam revealed love deserted in the shadows, relegated to the corner, buried under layers of dust and debris; dark, dim, depleted, no longer dazzling.
Remarkably we ventured into that dark, forgotten place, retrieved what remained of love and brought it forward into life and light.

Yes the luster was gone and the contents light but the dust was easily blown away. Special potions and soft cloths were found. Gentle scrubbing and a soothing polish gradually removed the muck and reclaimed the lost gleam. Fissures slowly mended, punctures sealed. Once again, love was ready to be shared.

But then to find the stuff of love – the laughter at mistakes, instead of rage; the joy of mischief, instead of hurt; the playfulness rather than responsibility of family; the trust rather than fear of closeness; the desire to wrap the other protectively rather than hiding alone behind our armour; the acceptance of differences rather than the desire for change; the openness to explore rather than assume; the belief in the present joy rather than expecting the next blow; the decision to embrace gratitude rather than fear.

A rediscovered love, always there, but lost for a time, now fills our days.
Thank heavens love never left.


  • Sarah B.

    This story, “Love Walked In” by Catherine Dine, brought tears to my eyes. How I can relate to it!
    I think it’s wonderful that we can read stories on your website. What a great website you have. Your work is beautiful (writings and paintings). Thank you for this.
    I feel inspired.
    I would like to take your next writing workshop. I just need to check my schedule before committing. I hope you still have room.
    I learned about you through my friend Evelyn Barsby. She raves about you.
    Thank you.

    May 6, 2011
    • admin

      Thank you Sarah for kind words and for taking the time to read through and to comment – feedback is so invaluable! And I agree whole-heartedly, this piece by Catherine is so moving.

      There is one spot left in the writing workshop if you are available… just let me know if you are interested.

      warm wishes and much thanks,

      May 7, 2011

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