Diary of Letting Go

PROMPT: choose one emotion or state of being (joy, sadness etc.) and write about it from as many angles as possible… (for example: what side of the bed would anger sleep on, what emotion would loneliness have a crush on, what colour would secrecy be?)  Here is one of the poems created that day:

Diary of Letting Go by Kelly Janes

Two hands parting in the wind

grey and blue and fuchsia
dancing together
and back to the wall

They say letting go
doesn’t know
A volcano spewing its juice
and hardening again

What is a letting go footprint?
that fades
trampled on by going places
people everywhere

Letting go sings a sweet song in my ear
and beckons with its gentle, gnarly fingers
I want to grab its promise and its coattails
We will take a boat to Greece
with whitewashed homes in the mountain
and bluer than blue accents
the water, chairs and rooftops
The sun licking my face
we’ll drink coffee on the beach in the morning

Letting go is a giant sweet apple melting in my mouth

Letting go knows my name

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