Go On

photo copyMagazine captions, titles etc can be great prompts for writing.  At our last class before summer I put out a random bunch of pictures, titles, captions, words from magazines.

These words inspired the writing below: a little messy, expect more, stories, go on, take what you… of poetry, stories scoundrels, trailblazers and conspires to assist you.


Home, Love, Belong: the emotional journey behind a painting

A painting is most definitely a journey… some paintings happen easily without much struggle, others… not so much.  I recently posted some new paintings on my Facebook Nathalie Vachon – Artist page (as works in progress from Flora Bowley’s Bloom True e-course so people could see the many layered steps involved).  Here is a peak into the emotional journey that often accompanies each step:



Doors and Shutters


Press Pound to Skip

PROMPT:  Use the repeating line of there are / there is… (what are the things that are in your life?)

Press Pound to Skip by Nathalie Vachon

There are crocuses in my back yard, a clump of purple that keeps grabbing my attention, stopping me in my tracks.  There are flowers that shouldn’t bloom yet; the one I bought two years ago whose name I have forgotten is already showing pink buds.  There are leaves that need raking.  There are thoughts in my head that need to be put to rest.

There are worries; a basement of filing cabinets with sterile walls and florescent bulbs that hum in the background of my life.

There are shoulders that have a hard time falling, releasing, resolving.  There are messages on the answering machine that I have not answered.  Press 1 to listen.  Press 7 to erase.  Press pound to skip.  I skip over so much and there are emotions piling up.  Seems I can’t feel them fully, can’t face them straight on so I press pound to skip…


Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Another must-see TED talk about vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame