Camp Imagine 2013!

Oh what a fun time we had this year at Camp Imagine… we made our own sketchbooks, did collage, made bamboo xylophones, wrote a collective story that we performed for friends and family on Friday, we wrote songs, played instruments, had a drum circle, played boom-whackers and rhythm sticks (and games of course),we wrote a poem and painted (creating wonderful multi-layered masterpieces)

And in case you missed it, here are some pictures and the video of our final performance.  A big thank you to all the kids, parents, friends and volunteers that helped make the week such a success!  Hope to see you next time!


Edgar’s Most Fortunate Day

Edgar had a big head… and not very much in it.  But where Edgar lacked in brains and intellect, oh he made up for it in heart.

Madeleine had a big head… and big ears… and a big nose… and big teeth.  But where Madeleine lacked in beauty, she also made up for it in heart.


Doors and Shutters