Where is She Today

PROMPT:  This prompt came from the group scanning a set of books and picking out titles or phrases that jumped out. The phrases that Sabrina wrote from: ‘a tourist in your own town’ and ‘where is home’.

Where is She Today – by Sabrina Dias

Where is she today?  Sometimes as she walks up her street of nine years, this thought pops into her head: “Does this feel like my home?” Or she asks herself “Have I really lived her this long? So why am I still asking myself if this feels like my home?”  She finds this very bizarre. She is happy, she is content; life is very good for her. Neither she nor her husband is jobless, nor are they suffering from any terrible illnesses. They have no children so life is relatively calm and uncomplicated. But where is home then?



PROMPT:  Write about teeth!

Teeth – by Sarah Batten

I have not been to a dentist in years.  I won’t say how long.  I ask myself why.  I have come to the conclusion that I do not go because of the dentist I was forced to go to as a child.  He was brutal.  That is the only word that springs to mind.  I felt as though I was abused by him.  I guess I was, but perhaps not in the usual way.  He was so rough; his hands were not the least bit gentle.

Dr. Dmitri and his assistants would stand over me breathing out their strong, bitter, coffee breaths.  “Hoooooow are yooooouuu todaaaaay Sarah?”  Before I could answer I experienced a sea of hands coming at me and grabbing inside my small mouth.


health and creativity

Health, Food, Creativity Weekend at Luc’s Sculpture

Saturday, Oct. 29 & Sunday, Oct. 30th

Health, Food, Creativity focuses on health and wellness through our unique expression, creativity. It is a space you can experience and explore who you are through doing good to the self, earth, and everyone else! There are places for purchasing healthy products & art works, playing with cay, participating workshops run by health practitioners, healers and artists.  I will be offering a workshop in Creative Writing on Saturday at 3pm.


Abbey’s Monster

How is Abbey supposed to sleep when the monster in her closet keeps howling, banging and scratching at her door?  And to top it off, her parents can’t seem to see the monster.   Abbey has to be brave and face it herself.  But as Abbey discovers, monsters aren’t always what they first appear to be.

Abbey had a monster in her closet.  She was sure of it.  And each night as bedtime approached, Abbey did everything she could to avoid going to bed.  She would ask “could I have a drink of water?” or “could we have another story?”  But sure enough the time would come when her mother or father would say “Good night Abbey!” then…


the road home nathalie website

The Beach Studio Tour – Fall 2011

It’s just around the corner…

Take a little stroll through the Beaches, listen to the leaves crunch, wander into an artist’s studio, have a cup of tea and take in the beautiful work of local painters, potters, jewelers, photographers, textile artists, sculptors and metal workers… Yes, it is time for the Fall Beach Studio Tour!
* Friday October 21st (6pm -9pm)
* Saturday October 22nd (10am-6pm)
* Sunday October 23rd (11am-6pm)