Nathalie has delighted audiences in Canada, the United States and Asia with her whimsical and imaginative tales.  Whether you are six or sixty, her stories enchant; taking the listener on a journey full of vibrant images, wisdom, witty wordplay and beautiful reminders of life. Your heart will be won over by Emma May’s quirky adventures and you will be mesmerized by stories such as Ketut and the Thousand Herons and How the Mountain got its Spirit.

Nathalie has been guest artist in public schools, libraries, creative workshops, festivals and corporate events.  Also on the roster of artists at Prologue to the Performing Arts, Nathalie offers Imagination on the Loose for K-6 audiences and her bilingual show L’imagination en Cavale for grades K-3.

And keep your eyes open for Nathalie’s folktale Mischief and the Moon in the collection of folktales “World on a Maple Leaf: A Treasury of Canadian Multicultural Folktales” (which also includes parables, aphorisms, sayings and inspiring quotes from diverse cultures) to promote a true spirit of multiculturalism, and to educate Canadian children in the principles of diversity, equality and respect.

Magic and Mischief:  Six original stories are available on CD through Etsy

Price: $12 + $3 US shipping and handling