Camp Imagine 2014!

I just can’t say enough about the wonderful kids this year at Camp Imagine:  generous with each other, kind, open, creative, willing, sweet, thoughtful, imaginative, fun, funny (with no lack of personality!)  It was just a dream for Ross and I!

So, what happens when you get a wonderful group of kids together and you add a dash of music, a pinch of paint, a bucket of art supplies, a hint of a story and a fairy door?

Click here to find out!


Curious to see more?  Here’s what we did to get to our final performance/exhibit:

A:  We made books (turning giant leaf bags into Camp Imagine Sketchbooks)

books 1  books 3 books































B. We painted

painting 1

















paintings 4a paintings 3 paintings 2a paingings 3a












































… and painted!

paintings 12 paintings 11 paintings 10 paintings 9 paintings 8



































and painted!




































and cleaned up…

paintings 6




















C. We made kalimbas

kalimbas 1a











kalimbas 4  kalimbas 2 kalimba buddies


































kalimbas 3



















D.  We made ‘recycled stuff’ instruments…

instruments 1













instruments 2a














E.  We wrote a story… and music…



























E.  We made new friends…

new friends




















F.  We may have had a little bit of fun…

fun 2 improv fun 3 fun 1










































fun 4











fun 5


















G.  So then we invited important people to come and join us…

performance 1a

























H.  And we put on a little show…

performance 2












called “The Facts About Fairies”

(see video, grab popcorn and share with any fairy-dusted, magic-loving friend!)