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Definition:  The Body Code™ is a whole body, mind and spirit energy healing system.  Developed by holistic chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson, it is designed to identify and release imbalances in six areas to assist the body in returning to a state of balance and healing.

Our bodies are meant to be in balance with energy flowing freely to keep us in a state of optimum health. Pain, discomfort, physical and emotional symptoms are our body’s messaging system to communicate that something is wrong or blocked or imbalanced.  Our tendency in Western Medicine is to medicate or suppress the symptoms instead of understanding and resolving the root causes.  

The Body Code
-Uses techniques from applied kinesiology as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
-Taps into the innate wisdom of the body and the power of the sub-conscious to unearth blockages and understand root causes so they can be released.
– Opens the door to deep healing by identifying and removing blockages in these 6 areas:.
  • Energies – Trapped emotions, internalized traumas and other emotional energies
  • Systems and Circuitry – The organs, glands, muscles, body systems and the connections between them.
  • Toxicity – Polluting heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation, medical and environmental toxins and more
  • Pathogens – Fungal, bacterial, viral, mould and parasitic invaders that create havoc with our cells
  • Structural – The bones, nerves and connective tissue and their alignment to support function.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle – The food we eat, including herbs and nutrients, exercise and personal needs.
Your body speaks important messages if you are open and willing to listen 
– Heal Documentary – Kelly Noonan Gore


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What People are Saying:

I wanted to give you an update regarding T (8 year old daughter) since our session. I think the best way to lead off is to quote my husband from this morning. He said “that voodoo magic that you did with Nathalie really worked!” It made me laugh, but it really is true. So since our session we have also cut meat from T’s diet. I believe the combination of our session and cutting the meat is what has improved her digestion significantly. She has been constipated since she was two years old and for the last week, she has had about two significant BMs per day and her belly feels a lot better. Regarding the emotional side, she is much slower to react and is able to calm herself down quicker if she does react. She is much more level-headed and balanced it seems. She also seems happier. I do really believe though that the work that you did made the difference.  Thank you so so much for the amazing work that you are doing. You have given us back our carefree little girl! Happy Tears. –  Kathryn K


Nathalie.  I want to thank you so very much for the help.  The last hip replacement was a nightmare compared to this time around.  I feel it had everything to do with having been cleared beforehand.

Having this anxiety lifted and not feeling the pain has made me realize that it was weighing on me a whole lot more than I thought.  I can describe it now like being in a constant hazy choking smoke.  But that it was almost impossible to recognize this until now that I’m out.

I feel fantastic.  Really.  I’m so excited!   The anxiety is gone.  The chronic debilitating pain is gone. I can see now that my body and extended energy body has been in overdrive for some time now dealing with this.

I totally broke down and was pretty much sobbing with pure joy thanking the surgeon when he came to check in on me.  His work is very easily recognizable as life-altering.  It’s tangible.  You can see it.  Well I have to tell you that I welling up right now in a similar way in wanting to thank you too.  Your work is much less tangible but I am acknowledging and without doubt proclaiming that you have had the same life-changing effect.  I feel you are a really big part of what just happened.

Just wanted you to know that the work you do can really make life altering impacts.  I’m excited to see what else we can accomplish!  –  Charles C



A Body Code Session:

  • SESSION:  1 hour
  • Can be on the phone, via Skype /Zoom (or even email if time to connect in person is limited)
  • COST:  $120/hour (or book 5 sessions for $500)
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We have to see the problem as the portal.  And (by doing so we recognize) our symptoms and stressors are meaningful and brilliantly orchestrated intelligence in waking us up.  – Darren Weissman D.C.