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How to use The Emotion Code to get to root causes of Physical / Emotional Pain or Illness

At the beginning of 2018, I was working as a full time artist, storyteller and educator, traveling to schools throughout Ontario performing for children, doing art shows and also teaching Abstract Intuitive Painting and Creative Writing Workshops for adults. Having to wear so many different hats and juggling a busy schedule, I could see how stress was ever present in my life and was affecting my health, my mood and my sleep.

And because 2018 was the year of a milestone birthday for me, I realized that something had to change. I didn’t want to carry that stress into the next decade. So I cast a plea out into the Universe to “Please help me figure out my stress.”

Having seen my mother struggle with addiction her whole life, and knowing that her mother had committed suicide, I was afraid that I would somehow continue a destructive pattern with stress if I wasn’t careful. I needed to figure this out.

Ask and ye shall receive…

The Universe responded with a series of events that eventually got me to understanding my stress. But of course it was nothing like what I had hoped for or wanted.

First of all, my dearest hubby got sick for six months with something the doctors could only explain as a virus of unknown origin (imagine doctors visits, tests, being vigilant for six months, changing sheets three times a night from night sweats, being so worried that he might not get better). And when he did finally get better, I completely fell apart from the stress. But this changed both of our trajectories and during that time I did so much research to really understand what was happening in the body.

There were two pivotal discoveries that started to really change our focus around healing. First, I came across the book by Gabor Maté called “When the Body Says No”. I had always been a huge proponent of the idea that your body will speak up for you if you don’t. And the second was a documentary called “Emotion” by Gaia.

Both of these Authors attribute past traumas, emotions, anxieties and unprocessed life experience that we hold in the body as the source of all that ails us; that symptoms are the body’s way of crying out to tell us that something is wrong, out of balance or needing our attention.

SO in the middle of the most stressful time of my life I stopped everything and said “Ok Body, I am listening, what do you have to tell me.”  Past memories, grief, emotions, traumas (that I thought I had already dealt with during years of therapy) started coming up faster than I could process them.

And this is where the Emotion Code came in.  Of all the Author/Healers featured on the Emotion Documentary, I resonated most with Doctor Bradley Nelson. This retired chiropractor from Utah, after years in private practice working to heal the most challenging clients with mysterious/complex illnesses, created The Emotion Code.   I knew immediately that I needed to learn this modality. It was the key to finding out what was going on with my health/stress and my husband’s too.


  • The Emotion Code is a simple and gentle energy healing technique that combines applied kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help identify and release trapped emotions and energy blockages in the body. It taps into the innate wisdom of the body and the power of the sub-conscious to unearth blockages and understand where they originated so they can be released.


To me, The Emotion Code was the missing piece or a language I had always wanted to learn to speak. So with this modality, I began to listen and clear old hurts, patterns and trapped emotions. It offered so much healing, relief and insight that I took the six-month course and became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  Having facilitated hundreds of sessions since, I found that the results were not just happening for me.  Session after session people were blown away by this incredibly powerful tool allowing us to intuitively listen to the body and let the subconscious lead us to healing.



Just wanted to let you know my pain level has gone from 7/10 down to 1. Even as we were clearing the underlying emotions (worry) I could feel a weight lifted off right away. The main thing I noticed after a few hours was I felt more flexibility between my thumb and 2nd finger (that area has been very tight and swollen). What is so amazing is the doctors said I would have to live with the pain and that over use was the issue. I tried acupuncture and physiotherapy with the exercises they asked me to do. At the time it was painful to do those exercises but now I am able to them! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart”

“The panic and fear was at 25/10 but two days after our session: I am doing well! Calm, happy, no anxiety, lots of energy. I haven’t felt like this in quite a while! Thank you, Nathalie!”

 “After one session I felt so much more calm.  I am so relieved to gain perspective. It explains this overwhelming need to prove that I am enough.”

“You won’t believe this but I feel like the pain is gone.  Its gone from a 9 or 10 down to maybe a 1 or 1.5 – this is amazing.”


I am SO grateful each day to have found this modality and am so excited to help others along the healing path.  Having come so far in this incredible journey, I realized that listening deeply within was the key to healing. My body had so much to say and a whole new unexpected, clearer, calmer world opened up in front of me.


An Emotion Code Session:

  • SESSION:  1 hour
  • Can be on the phone, via Skype /Zoom (or even email if time to connect in person is limited)
  • COST:  $100/hour (or book 5 sessions for $400)
  • INQUIRE or BOOK a session email Nathalie at info@nathalievachon.com


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