The Fabric of our Lives

I had a run in my stockings 25 minutes before the show on Saturday

I ran down the elevator, up the escalator frantically scanning The Bay for the section with nylons.

I scooted around the line asking a sales associate, Filomena, (who wasn’t helping anyone) for help.

She said she would be with me in a moment so I ping ponged past underwear, past socks, finally finding the rectangular display box of hosiery.

I flipped through support tops, nudes, browns, Spanx…

I never wear nylons, my mother wore them and I wasn’t sure if neutral was the best choice with these brown boots, this hippy-orange-brown-blue-flower-power dress…

“Are nylons still in?” I wanted to ask.

Finally I hear a mother’s voice that was not my mother’s and Filomena calls “Oh, there you are Dear.”