Stories and Songs from Japan and Beyond

Join us in celebration of Asian Heritage Month

Saturday May 28th…

East Asian Homeland Festival: Stories and Songs from Japan and Beyond with Yusuke Tanaka and Nathalie Vachon
PLACE: Lilian H. Smith library – 239 College Street 416-393-7746
DATE: Sat. May 28, 2011
TIME: 12pm NOON (40 minutes)


Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools kill Creativity?

A wonderful talk most definitely worth listening to.


Love Walked In

PROMPT:  write using the line “Love Walked In”

Love Walked In – by Catherine Dine

Lately love has not walked in, I simply realized it was always there.

Love seemed invisible for a while, lost amid the children’s toys, the critical decisions, the trade offs and compromises. Love took a back seat to efficiency, economy, and purpose. It suffered under the yolk of children’s problems, lack of support, lack of access to true knowing. Love was forgotten in the headlong pursuit of getting it right while getting it all terribly wrong.