Celebrate Everything

By Nathalie Vachon

What if we took everything positively
Missed the bus, no worries, meant to walk today
Dumped, no matter, I will just appreciate myself fiercely
Lines on face, desire lines
Look how they radiate outward, hazel suns reaching, reaching
Gained weight, all will even out, all will ebb, then flow again

No need to frown, see
See it as a rainbow, children holding hands on a hillside
Forming a bridge
A frown can be a bridge, you know
From today to anything

Is this delusional?
I don’t know? But perhaps
There is something to say about embracing the what-is-ness of ourselves
Something to say about putting down the clipboard
Stopping the judging panel

Eat a cookie, feel every crumb
Let it nourish with sweet yellow-brick-road images
Perhaps it’s the guilt that make us fat
Perhaps it’s the worry that decays
And if only we followed fully our desire lines
Then perhaps “is” would take over “was”
And “was” would mean nothing next to “could be”
And everything could
Actually be


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  • Shelley


    Thank you Nathalie : )

    December 5, 2011

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