Camp Magic – Summer 2010

Ross and I were thrilled to go to Singapore last summer to work at Camp Magic!

Here’s are a few pictures as well as some postings that will give you a feel of our six weeks there!

  • WEEK ONE: amazing day… set up the school for camp magic… can’t say enough about the talented, generous, creative and fun group of artists we are working with… i am not sure who is going to have more fun at camp this summer, the kids or us.
  • WEEK TWO: favorite quote of the day “I know Ross is your best friend, but i could still be your best friend too, right?” (Maya, age 7)
  • WEEK THREE: week three of camp magic is done and dusted as they say… dusted with glitter, i think! I seem to be finding glitter everywhere. Highlights: seeing so many kids up on stilts, hearing drums and singing coming from all directions, watching kids paint and draw so beautifully, seeing a trail of ants followed by a trail of kids, feeling the excitement and energy of parents and children at the final performance.
  • WEEK FIVE: Yesterday was the last day of camp magic… what a wonderful experience of music, art, dance, great kids, amazing artists… a whirlwind of colour, wonder, magic, glitter… thank you camp magic crew, thank you Singapore… now we head to Bali for a little rest and some time to digest it all.